1B758CDA-B783-426A-91D0-2B375241D265.png  Advice to the thinking Self

•Learn, study, look into and investigate everything you can, when you can and however you can. The earlier you can and as deep as you can, the better. Logic, math, philosophy, the sciences, puzzles, etc. are all worth while endeavours to help build cognitive powers. It may not matter right away if you understand the stuff or not, as over time, it may all fit together... like a puzzle!

•Find or create something worthy to occupy your time and thoughts with. This could be a new theory, concept or idea to delve into or attempt to expand upon where current understanding is missing or could use another outlook or perspective.

•Play with old ideas and learn the ins and outs of how others may have come to their conclusions by trying things out for yourself by recreating, reimagining, reinterpreting ideas you may be interested in.

•Create or make something yourself, do it by yourself, for yourself, and only yourself. The input of others may be of use and come in handy, but go to where your intuition guides you. Never be too rigid or fluid in anyone perspective, even if it’s your own, as knowledge and perspectives can shift over time.

•Wait. Wait. Wait. Over time you may realize there are things you can only do, well, over time. It may be fun to rush a project, or to get something in your head out in the world, but somethings are meant best to digest and to be contemplated on rather than to just hurried to see what you want to see out there in the world.

•Let your lot in life, the time, place, circumstances, and experiences take you where you may not know where you are headed or may one day end up. It’s all a grand journey with each of of on our own, playing a part in a much larger story than just our own.

•Last but not least, take it easy, when you can. Enjoy the little reprieve and respite you get in between the mire of life. If you are creating something, appreciate the process of creation. If you’re theorizing, take the time to really go over and admire what the mind is or could be capable of. The moments we get of joy and/or contentedness may be fleeting and ephemeral, so bask in it when it does happen and never be surprised if life ever takes a downturn again, it’s almost guaranteed to happen. Take it easy, but take it!

Tl;dr - 1. Educate yourself 2. Work on things 3. Adapt to situations and to the past 4. Create something new or whatever 5. Patience 6. Find where you are in time and space 7. Take it easy Bonus: Ignore all of this and do what you will
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