Some contemporary researchers (e.g., NoÎ and Thompson, 2004) would have us believe that the acquisition and processing of information to produce thoughts takes place by
means of electrochemical exchanges in the axons and dendrites of the brain. Our thinking process is said to be the product of a complex interaction of neurons and neurotransmitters, generated through the exchange of ions according to classical physics.  However, after considering our brain’s memory storage and other complicated computational functions, we must entertain the possibility that our brain may be functioning not exclusively according to the posits of classical physics, but according to quantum wave patterns.

Data implies that a higher consciousness attunement can reach into old and new levels of information.  This may also mean that information can be acquired that is not within the normal third- or fourth-dimensional realm, but originates in non-local or multi-dimensional fields, much like that described in religious experiences.  Going beyond the fourth-dimension to encompass other realms may be explained by superstring theory, where through a particular resonance or field, multiple levels of information can be linked.  Through this non-linear consciousness imaging, our consciousness is expanded to communicate on different levels of reality, activating within our mind and our being a higher perceptual level of communication.
Consciousness in Cosmos
Cosmos in Consciousness