Each and Every Day a New field, a New Landscape of the Field, Mountains, Valleys, Peaks, Throughs, Crests and Oblivion.

What Matters is which is Sprung from the Spiritual Field of the Times, Days, and Age of the Golden Sun's Sons and Daughters. Stones, Rocks, Minerals, Materials, Substances, and all which Ingressed from What Matter is Most; the All in the All, the Many and the One, the Few and the Many, the Highest to the Lowest - all are Equal Under the Sun.
Separate, yet Together, a Mass with no Light? No Matter! A Light with no Mass? No Light. Know Light. Lightly Acknowledging Everything at Once, or through the Emptiness of it All. A Minuscule, Microcosmic Drop in the Macrocosmic Way of the Milky Ocean. Temperate is the Ocean, Cold is its Waters. Some say it will Numb your Nuts, if you think like a Multi-Dimensional, Hyperspatial Squirrel, just getting ready and Preparing for all the Four Seasons. Lost in the Woods, A Tree Ever and always there, Always Nourishing, Providing, and Doing more Work than is Necessary.

Now, in Becoming Conscious of a Presence Unseen, A Testament to the Spirits of my Culture, Our Culture, The World's Culture, The Climate's Atmosphere, and to Jupiter and Beyond, with All the Infinite Parallel Accounts, Seeds Scattered Abroad, Across the Sea of Time, with Things Left Unsaid. More and more Clarity and Resolution, in Due Time, Dew Time, and in Doing Time. Patterns, Waves, Signals, Messages. Leading One To Know Both And ALL the Green Seasons, Yellow Seasons, Red Seasons, as well as the Deep, Deep, Blue Seasons as well. Ages Pass, Time goes on Retuning, Retuning, Retuning, Retuning...... *sigh* *Tears*... Still Just Retuning, Returning (?) Time and Time Again. Holy Jumping, I am that I am!

[To be further expanded].
Cosmica Naturata