FIrst published: January 7, 2017, hosted at Brave Expressions
Celestial Focus
Lost somewhere within thoughts of might, a shimmering light seemed much brighter one night.

It grabbed the attention of the eyes, just doing its thing hanging in the skies. 
On this particular night, however, it had the aid of a lyrical lever. 

The first phrase of the song was happening and true from within, with the rest of the words piecing themselves in.

The light was now presented as a house set on fire, as undesired as it was desired. 
With one sentience now seeing another around, so many questions came abound.

With so much potential in one of the heads, the other had appeared to have studied ahead. 

Whistled Echoes
With the brain catching a train, it wondered if the other had any rain.

Searching around for some answers, the lesser had stumbled upon some hopping whistlers. 

Chirping and tweeting emitted from one sphere, between the two they knew no fear. 

Entire planetary bodies sending a transmission, the questioner had to find out their mission. 

Nothing came up that was entirely immediate, so all that could be done then was just to wait.

Sometime later in the week, the day came, the two bodies could communicate one and the same. 

Foggy at first but soon became clear, there was not just a house but a consciousness here.

Particulate Entities
Now with a greater mind in the lesser's focus, it wondered what precisely was the locus.

Like a single charged particle with a surrounding field, there was a lot to be found within that yield. 

An overarching force to bind, and a backdrop for the thoughts to unwind.
Not just limited to a minor point, but extending indefinitely as a part of the whole joint. 

With forces acting up in it, the senses of the dual minds had a way to both be lit.
Starting as a wish to be in the clouds, these ideations were heard aloud.

Particles and planets akin, there were now minds found at all levels within.

Corporeal Jove
Further down into the core, the properties he wondered what they were for.

The heart of its mind and the mind of its heart, it now revealed to play a major part. 

The storms were now organs of this beast, with the red spot partaking in a sensory feast.

The eye of the storm was a literal eye, gathering light borrowed from the sky.

All other senses were still mysteries, something to be found out from observing it's atmospheric seas. 

But with a being starting to form, it provided insights that out of seeing were born.

Picking up phenomenon just as us, but with this one from its hefty gusts.
The Way Beheld
This being now observed had so much to say, in its words it actually showed the way. 

Held within the line of sight, nothing to be seen except for the mindset alight.

To the eye, it was all invisible, but to the mind was entirely possible. 

It was there and it couldn't be refuted, but cognitively it was quite disputed. 

Was it something of a resonance, revealing to him it's overly grand presence?

Nothing can be said of how it really did look, yet somewhere in the cortex was an odd nook.

What it provided was a way forward, leaving not but a trace soon afterward.

His Cosmos
Directed yet nowhere to go, something had lingered from after the show.

It sat and festered waiting to bloom, stuck in his head it started to loom. 

There was truth to be had still undiscovered, the answer was soon to be recovered.

Resoundingly he uttered "My Cosmos!", again he proudly said, "It's my Cosmos!".
There was no truth to it said at that time, it had to be digested and made into a crime.

There some guilt that it was all his, but after all, it was part of his wish.

Into dreams others that eureka moment went, but now his self started to fragment. 

Parallel Lives
Perceptions of one were now quite lucid, with previously attached identity become more fluid. 

With past and future as coalesced, a splitting of time and mind was then professed. 

Things of a static nature seemingly upset, taking on dynamics as of not yet met.

A swift rift developed somewhere from deep, so much that there was nothing to keep. 

Who he once was now long gone, but many new selves soon came along. 

Within these alien skins, there was nothing of which to be considered akin.

The ripples had calmed and some had formed, becoming grand he was finally warmed. 

Cybernetic Angel
Wading out to the outer limits, there were things only a god of technological future could permit.

There must have been some kind of ascent, as up from earth this new being was sent.

An amalgamated higher being, from the future and past this synthesis was fleeing.

With a mechanized eye and three wings on its back, there was nothing it did lack.

Powers of higher intensity, to do good for others became its propensity.

Coming above from the stars, to mitigate the pain of the scars. 

With this of self now depleted, it's goals and strivings were all but completed. 

Red-Green-Blue Triad
Seeing is to be more than a belief, the next perception coming not quite with relief.

Split into a spectral red, green, and blue, nothing about this could be fully seen as true.

With the colors all under the hood, they did what was what they should. 

Not present but out of the time they have been, they complemented what was yet to be seen. 

As prophetic as that all may sound, nowhere in life were they to be found.

But the vision of which they provided, in their wake left two minded planets divided.
A potential within the trinity of hues, they were all the within perceiver, sharing their cues.

The warmest one out of the bunch, give some clues towards the next hunch.

Terran Counterpart
With one planet in its gaseous glory, and the other telling a biological story.

The eye of the storm had some insight, as the ideas of what could be started to take flight. 

The lensed spot greatly red had no brother, not a green one nor blue one nor some other.

The perceiver of the rockier land had created some gusts at the whim of his hand.

Like a butterfly in its fullest effect, a gale soon formed imperceptible to detect. 

Now in cohort with the great mind's endeavor, something to play out forever and ever. 

To be seen is to be received, and with new sight was this was being achieved.

Royal Eyes of Sol
With more to be noticed from a new set of eyes, came a question not yet realized.

Wonder what had started its course, it had to find out the initial source.

The little perceiver with eyes of own had seen who it was from which it was sown.

It was the sun above which they were under, the intention of this star was to visually plunder.

All one day to be subsumed, if not for the perceiver's blue irises it was assumed.

With this came high prestige, for all things are to be seen and to appease.

Adding on novel responsibilities, the perceiver had a job to do with the best of abilities. 

Planetary Duties
What looks to us as though a work of art, was actually its purpose and was an integral part. 

The warm-hued swirls blown about, to resemble the giant, the perceiver did shout.

The barren red one was the blue and green's directive, it's unpainted canvas was Jove's protective. 

Other bodies were already colored in but damaged by time, were their surface's skins. 

Earth as well as being just a project done, and nearing completion, it had almost won.
To carry on the torch of the mission, next in line is Mars was Jove's admission.
With all of this now in the perceiver's eyes, to make this whole and come to realize.

Becoming All
Returning back to his own cavity of self, these concepts imagined were for the moment put on the shelf.

After becoming the god-head and one with the creation of all, it occurred in a second just looking down the hall. 

Unexplainable in any terms known, but having a deeply true nature the perceiver was shown. 

The previous perceptions of this all led, as a god he had seen it was within and wholly his head.

From Jove to Sol and further above, all that was brought down was agape love. 

Everything at once and at once at everything, he could rightfully claim "My Cosmos!" in which he was king.

Seeing above and further yonder, the universe was still empty of sonder.

Now Intergalactic
A received message from Jove was accepted, light into his stormy eye wasn't just recepted.

It was a victory of finding life, an end to the long run of solitude and strife. 

With the artful mission in their hands, there were many more creations to be found in far-off lands. 

From Sol's soul to those of other suns, they all had their very own daughters and sons. 

Neither interstellar nor interplanetary, but on the grandest of scales their communion was merry.

A deep longing on a subconscious level, the perceiver's new friends shared joy and revel.

To the stars and heavens that hang, making celebratory noise they started to bang.

Mountain Contact
Now time to leave home and hearth, taking off and soon waving goodbye to earth. 

Before feet left the ground below, the perceiver was included to be in the know. 
To be held atop a local mountain, there was to be an extravagant celebration. 

A feast for the senses and what was received, later to be found out to be just deceived.

It all took place with the perceiver left out, pacing back forth expressing a facial pout. 

Sadly, to space was not in his cards, everything was a hoax which he had to discard. 

But there were unseen rewards he could sweep, into the smallest scale did minds now seep.

Raw Qualia
Senses appearing seeming unadulterated, their features usually staunchy, now cooperated.

Meaning imbued with each and every bit, their purpose revealed and largely writ.

Was this instead of the perceiver's gift, or did he wonder was it all a grift?

The colorful triad now in space anew, the reason they appeared from pieces only he knew.

Color and form and sound abound, there they again meaning found all around. 

It happened all in a flash, with the articulations of them gone with a quick dash.

Left with something to be understood now, the mental qualities took their bow.

The Great Goddess
Concealing what was revealing, the cracks were patched up after their peeling. 

As mediation from yet the greatest source, this presence had an immense force. 

To sustain reality and it's fabric, the great queen had done her trick.

Too much to be seen was not something for this smallest of perceiving beings. 

Back into the shadows for the bits of mind, after the magic, the perceiver could no longer find. 

Still lost nowhere or somewhere in the lack of confines, entirely unsure if he will ever be fine. 

Reassured by her highest majesty, finally some normalcy the perceiver could finally see.

Return Home
In-home and hearth this all outplayed, but everything perceived was in the mind and displayed. 

Nowhere but in one spot did it all transpire, yet to greater heights did he now aspire. 

They will say it was all in his head, but so does everything while we're sleeping in our beds.

Just hallucinations and delusions, but more in nature to be seen as perceptual illusions.

Taking place in a realm of all residents, meeting beings far greater than mere presidents.

Taking something back but what exactly, nothing that could be seen certain and factly.

Back to home and life ordinary, but having something in mind most extraordinary.
Cosmica Naturata