The meaning we can find in our lives is only as strong as the meaning we give it and imbue it with. We may see that without finding and making meaning, the fall back into unconscious, less free, and even meaningless states. These states of meaningless are neither more than or less than patterns themselves, much like meaning is. Meaning comes from well established patterns in the world and in making and establishing new patterns as we grow and develop, each as individuals and as a species. To create patterns with meaning would be the will to keep order in the patterns we partake in on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly basis. Repetition of patterns and meaning in the world comes out of the world through us through becoming aware of them. In becoming aware of the patterns we partake in constantly, we start to see why they may have the meaning they exhibit.

It can hard to find meaning in a river of constant, ever flowing information that is always changing, but if we can find even just one constant to hold onto in that river, we may start to see the value of meaning in the world. Within the material world, there doesn't seem like there is much value or meaning in anything, as it is all dead and inanimate matter. Despite that, mind may very well have emerged from this inanimate material, and in its constant learning and adapting to our substantial material to work with - as well as imprinted patterns in our pasts - that the spirit eventually showed itself in the mind coming from mind, which comes from matter. To have a spirit is to find the meaning stemming from our minds and therefore material selves.

From matter to mind to spirit and back again, there is a loop of self we always have on our bodies and partially is our bodies. These bodies, moving through space and time, and in cyclical momentary patterns, start to leave tracks or habits that the mind may develop. Thought patterns now revealing themselves, the birth of meaning and significance to our lives and events around us begin to shape and form. The mental leading into the spiritual, we have are always figuring out how to live a life of meaning, significance, value, and even virtue. This process is as unique to each of us as we are unique to one another.

To use our minds at their optimal would be to seek and develop new patterns of order and meaning above and beyond the mind, and in space and time, to create something that will last, either in one’s life or after one’s life. To assume spirit would be also to assume that our patterns and actions really do have a value them that allows us to live on knowing we made tracks in the world of matter. The potential to reach the utmost levels of spirit, like a higher dimensional shadow being cast on the material world, is one that only translates to ourselves and those who are around to share in our minds and spiritual lives. It might be that patterns, universal in their nature, will always be universal and may be deeply embedded in our psyches as such.

To create meaning and meaningful patterns in our own matter, minds, and spirits would be first to become aware of our own presence in the world. Having and being present to others, the world and the nature around us, is to take note and observe how all things seemingly external to us and all thoughts internal in us can correlate to one another. That is to realize, the patterns outside of ourselves and the patterns inside ourselves are reflections of one another. It may also be necessary to see our lives as one long, unbroken thread, leading up to whatever present moment we may be in.

Meaning can be found in any and all moments we find ourselves situated in. It my be the next move make that leads to other moments down the line, or it may be on a more long-term scale, in planning and preparing for what may come to us or what we could achieve one day through discipline. Discipline and meaning can go hand in hand, in that if you train your mind to spot things of significant in one's life, than those may show or reveal to us who we really are and our own significance in the world. Discipline may also find one find meaning by training and flexing our will to match who perceive ourselves to be, which may all be in our own minds, but still as part of of world at large.

To train our searching and desiring for meaning in life is to find and discover that there is a single unbroken line of the past leading up to any one moment. These bright moments that come along once in a while tend to add up and themselves have patterns to them. Any pattern can be found to have meaning, but it is the weight and value we give any sort of pattern it's power of having meaning. Through our vivid memories, we can see what we notice, focus on, and pay attention to in any moment. And the impact or significance these vivid moments have on us may help to reveal why they are important in our lives, therefore attributing to our search for meaning and in our self discoveries.

If even a hint of meaning can be found anywhere in the world, then we can really decide then if we are living a life in a way to match up to our potentials and capacities. The capacity for meaning has lead to many people over the millennia to push through the obstacle of strive and suffering and it is in finding meaning that will decide what we do in any moment and through overcoming the meaninglessness of it all, that we may find a reason to carry on, or even happiness and contentment. Despite meaning not something entirely objective, there will always be meaning to be found outside of ourselves, as well as inside ourselves as well.

As something subjective, there is no one thing or event that may be significant, and if we all live entirely in our own heads, than the meaning we find in the world may be of no use and the pattern to turn back into suffering may come back once again. But if we were to understand of the meaning of one another, we can maybe find higher and higher levels of meaning if we were to connect it all into one large picture, where the meanings we each find can become entwined.
Consciousness in Cosmos
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