Future Thinkers is a long-running podcast with over 5 Million downloads that has been featured in BBC, Forbes, World Economic Forum, Futurism, Financial Times, and iTunes Top 40 in Technology. The focus of the show is the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness towards a regenerative future.

The podcast has hosted many thinkers & creators including Ken Wilber, Jordan Peterson, Jamie Wheal, John Vervaeke, Kevin Kelly, Douglas Rushkoff, Nora Bateson, Charles Eisenstein, Jordan Hall, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jim Rutt, Joe Brewer, Dayna Baumeister, Ramez Naam, David Brin, Vitalik Buterin, Duncan Trussell, and others.

Founders and Co-Hosts Mike & Euvie also facilitate courses and workshops in sovereignty & resilience.

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