With the universe in our mind, and our mind in the universe, the difference between the two can be seen as a "psychocosm". A psychocosm here is the simultaneous occurrence of our minds and the world at large and how they interplay between one another. There is feedback between knowing that the universe is within us and that within us is an entire universe. In the former, there is one objective world we are embedded within that all else plays out. In the latter, there is a subjective world to each and their own. The relation of the two can be quite undifferentiated and the more we look and try to divide the two, the less we seem to know about either. Yet, it is the harmony of the two which allows us to know both the universe and ourselves.
As a psychocosm, with the universe and self united as a whole, there may be a relative, partially subjective and partially objective feedback system from the minds place within the universe and back from the universe itself, as an open, ever-changing system around where the two can revolve. This open system of where the mind and universe correlate may take on the form of knowing or remembrance of where is that we belong. Knowing that we have a much larger place and home to call our own, we have some control over matters that may seem at first to be out of our own hands. The ability to learn and adapt to the constantly changing worlds is one of our most sustaining abilities. Despite many major influences and powers that may go on, we may always be able to change out outlook and perspective of where where it is we are.
The power to adapt and change to what ever may be or become, is what may propel ourselves out and beyond further, whenever or wherever it may be we are currently. The adapting to a power that we contain and always have contained could allow for many future advancements to be made, in both our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Always seeing things from a fresh perspective will show and reveal to us that no matter how much we may all seem to be lost in our own personal perspectives, there will always be more to learn and incorporate into our worlds than we may ever fully be fully comfortable with. Despite that, as a curious kind, there will always be a willingness to learn the most and best we can from any situation we may find ourselves in.
It is from our subjective place in the universe, wherever it may be, that there are commonalities between the mind and the universe at large. The actuality of affecting change being one, there may nearly without a doubt, that the causes and effects we see are both within and without ourselves always occurring. These causes and effects allow for the learning and adapting that it takes to best suit ourselves into the world. As with studies such astronomy and cosmology and even psychology, we may in turn be learning about who it we are and where it is we come from within a much larger context. The advance of the self into the larger world is the advance of the entire perspective it is that we share as a whole. This circular system may take us on a journey beyond where any one may have gone before and may be difficult to integrate and relate back, but may nonetheless be beneficial and enlightening for the understanding of the whole.
The journey of knowing who we are and understand the world it is that houses us may be one of the noblest searches there may be. Wherever it we as may go, the changes we may undergo, and the places it will take us, may be seen as the transformation of all of these in one broad scope. Whatever our destination may be, it could be of importance to know both ourselves and the universe as one singular function. The depths we so far have explored of both shown growth, promise that there may one day be a unification of the two, and it is this unification we may have been searching for millenia ago. As a unified whole, the two may inform and relate to one another much more than we may understand at any one time. Yet, it is with much hope that we may see there being something grand to behold on this journey.
As a psychocosmology, there may be one single truth. That of which may be harmony, union, balance, understanding, and so on. It may be in the form of many studies, such as personal experience, psychology, cosmology, astronomy, music, or any domain that may have significance, without limitation or boundaries. The ability to guide and direct what we do, where it is we go, who it is we are, and the optimal solution of them that we may find and discover unknown possibilities around each corner. In this grand, elaborate vision, there is not much without humility however. Not to over-estimate or to assume too much responsibility at anyone time may be of use. To realize we are fallible and can be misleaded by much, may show that humility may be highly necessary within this process of discovery, both of self and of world.
To have hope and inspiration for whatever may be around the corner may be one of our greatest strengths as a species and it is with reflection that we may be shown or have been shown the potential of what may be one of our greatest journeys of all. To hope is to dream and to dream is to, at least partially, to will into existence. To will is to show what it is we desire and to desire is to know ourselves and what the world has to offer. But in humility, we may never achieve what it is we truly desire, yet we may be shown what it is that's needed or necessary for this journey of finding our place within ourselves and of the world at large.
Consciousness in Cosmos
Cosmos in Consciousness