If we are to take a perspective that matter builds up to mind which then builds up to spirit, we might take more consideration as to the value of consciousness in the world. Consciousness found nowhere else but here so far, is an achievement of surviving chaotic conditions and adds the perception that there is an order in the world. It is through our conscious awareness that order manifests and reveals itself. To assume that the universe has high levels of order behind it would also assume that consciousness may play a major role in the universe or world as a whole.

It might sound odd to spiritualize the universe or world, but if we are to take our subjective perspectives as having any meaning, it is through the will of the universe that we made it to where we currently are. Matter, considered as nothing but mere billiard balls, can somehow lead to minds as complex as ours, but with our materially based minds, we can either choose to affirm or deny that we may have a spiritual nature as well. If the spirit is an emergent phenomenon from the mind, being emergent from matter, we may build up a model where there can be meaning found from the universe that made us who we are.

Almost any matter can interact with our material, mental, and spiritual selves, in varying degrees. Neurotransmitters and certain chemical compounds can interact with our minds and are considered psychoactive. It is psychoactive substances that may change and alter our mental and spiritual lives. In altering our higher faculties through the use of various physical substances, more and more of the natural world can be shown and revealed to us, through transmuting matter into spirit.

Any increase in our knowledge of the world of mind and spirit may be seen as fruitful and beneficial. Through our consciousness and our altering of it as it is, we may find the importance of turning material substances into something more spiritual in nature. Each molecule that interacts on a psychoactive level could even be considered to be a spirit in and of itself. To have a spiritual nature attached to chemical compounds, there may be more to learn and observe how they integrate and find themselves placed into our lives.

In opening up to the spiritual nature of the world and universe, we may come to higher modes of becoming and being that may have been previously locked. To come to a sense of wholeness in the world, the spiritual aspects of the material may need to be found, and it can be found indeed if we were to turn inward and look at our own malleable substance of mind and consciousness that we have to work with.

Consciousness, being malleable and changeable, when interacting with these now spiritualized material compounds, we can possibly address the role matter may play in affecting our consciousness, on more than one level. To adopt and adapt to the use of certain substances, we can learn and observe how to best use and utilize them to the expansion of our minds and spirits.

Expanding our minds can, at first, come with fright, as when we do, we are entering unfamiliar territory at first, but is not to be neglected and can come with its own set of advantages and challenges. To turn matter into the mind and therefore spirit, is to open up the doors of perceptions to worlds perhaps never previously explored before. These new regions to explore the mind and all its contents can potentially help come to terms with the changes in the world and may help us see things in a new light.

Consciousness is simultaneously material, mental, and spiritual. It is in how these three interact with one another that the form, awareness, and experience of any conscious state may play out. The set and setting will always play a major part as well, as when trying to reach spiritual matters, the physical world and our mental worlds will always be a factor in how using spiritual tools will work. The setting, the material world around us affects the mindset, the interior mental world, and it is both of these that may allow for a negative or positive spiritual experience.

But with all of that said, the ability to change the material brain and affect it with mental and spiritual tools is not to be taken lightly. In changing our chemical compositions, we may radically change our views and perspectives that we may lose our sense of our former selves and we may use to have been. To change our personalities is drastic and we may lose what we may have had, but there may be just as much to gain as there is to lose. It's all up to oneself and one's tolerance and stability to choose how deep into the mind and spirit one may go.

Spirit Matter
Cosmica Naturata