The present moment is all we may ever truly know and it is the present where all our experiences take place. It is the experience of the present moment that we may know the world and our place within it. It is in any moment, or all moments, of the past that leads up to the any point we may find ourselves in. To extend the present of our past experiences to future experiences, would be to make the present moment extend both inwardly and outwardly across longer spans of time.

In our lives, we experience one long, broken-up thread of moments that make up who it we are in any moment. To unify and weave together our fragmented experiences of all the moments in our lives, would be to see our lives as one ever-flowing series of such moments. From there to here and from then to now, is a shifting of the moments that make up our lives from one to the next. But how long and how unbroken is the thread leading up to wherever it is we may find ourselves now? It can not be reduced to any one place or time and is rather a process of knowing and understanding that throughout our histories, we have always been connected to the source, however obfuscated.

In extending the present moment across all other moments, we can see that, much like multiple processes, can overlap and integrate into one another. It is in how all these moments overlap that make it seem like we are separate from the whatever the first cause may have been, like an interference pattern, yet it is also in these patterns that reveal our connection to the causal source of the universe.

Taking things that happen and extending it over life time, we can perhaps see larger patterns in our own lives and how the roles we play day-to-day may be a part of a much bigger picture. It is the bigger picture of our lives that we may find and create meaningful patterns across time. Extending and elongating the moments that make up our lives, would possibly change our perspective on any negative moments we may face, as we might then see that, much like waves, each moment has it’s own ups and downs.

Our lives may break up from day to day or week to week, but it in trying to see it on a year to year or decade to decade that we can see how our actions add up over time. As we build and make patterns and habits, we start weaving our lives one thread at a time. Through this weaving, the fabric of our life our lives obtain meaning and significance to ourselves. It is also this weaving of patterns that we can see our lives as an ever-growing tapestry. Working with the patterns we have weaved in the past, we can begin to start working with our past as a substance to make decisions in the moments that have now been established.

The fabric of our lives can have threads of moments short or long, small or large, and meaningless or significant. To be able to see the fabric of the whole that makes us up, would be able to make and change the patterns we weave in any one current moment. Through extending these moments over time, we may gain the ability to change and alter much larger portions of our lives than we may have assumed if the now was just a single instance.

However, more than any one instance, any moment being made of many overlapping ones, reality itself may be changed or altered, as we weave through moments in the world. Dissolving boundaries of our world and ourselves and weaving in and out of here, the influence of the moments in the world on us, we adapt to each and every single moment that occurs around and within us.

But again to extend all occasions of the past into the current moment of the now, there is almost the entire human history and cosmic evolution available to us at any one time, through us and within us at all time. We have billions of years of gradual understanding, awareness, and adaptation contained in us that we can look back on any time that make us who we are in any one present moment.
Consciousness in Cosmos
Cosmos in Consciousness