Salutations my fellow humans! Please feel free to make your self at home in the cosmos and here on the forum! Say your greetings if need be, let us know a bit about you, or just drop and check in with the community.

Oh, a bit about me you ask? I am a long time peer to the internet and grew up along side it. Together, we have seen the small bits of the universe, read up on all the great thinkers, both historical and contemporary, and have seen ourselves grow and grow and grow over the past quarter century or so.

A/S/L? My name is Cody, am I currently 27 years old, and I live in British Columbia. I have two rather burdensome illnesses and am trying my best to get by in the world. I currently work as a custodian, but have been an electronics technician and more! I spend my spare time creating, reading, listening, and observing everything around me, with a deep interest in the mind, physics, cosmology, and where they all intersect. The only belief I have a the moment is that the universe is participatory and we all play a part in it all. I am for bioregionalism, in some form or another, and am all for cognitive liberty. Other than that, I'm open to as many ideas, avenues of thought, and perspectives I can keep a grasp on.

If you're interested in my reading list, check out my Goodreads account!

II hope this helps break the ice in some way and I hope you feel free to say hello and maybe begin participating!
Consciousness in Cosmos
Cosmos in Consciousness